Consulting Experience

Dr. Mychasiuk and the NDOPL have used their animal model of concussion in consultation for numerous private companies. The laboratory has examined the efficacy of protective headgear in relation to sports-related concussion, the use of novel pharmacological therapeutics in the treatment of concussion, and the strength of numerous biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of traumatic brain injury.

In addition, Dr. Richelle Mychasiuk has experience working with the Alberta and British Columbia Justice System. She has served as an expert witness in the B.C Supreme Court and has written numerous reports for Municipal and Provincial lawyers. Dr. Mychasiuk has extensive expertise in the field of developmental neuroscience.

Please contact Dr. Mychasiuk  at for more information on how the NDOPL could facilitate your research or legal endeavors.


Testifying on Behalf of Infants and Brain on Trial are examples of Dr. Mychasiuk’s previous consultations.