Public Presentations

Parenting Capacity Assessments: Discussion of Common Psychometric Tests and Arising Issues (October 2012). Child Welfare: Canadian Bar Association, Calgary AB.

The Brain on Trial: Connecting Neuroscience to the Law (September 2012). Alberta Provincial Judges’ Association, Jasper AB.

Continuing Education Workshop: Public Health Nurses. The Importance of Brain Development in All Aspects of Nursing Practice (June 2012). Alberta Health Services, Calgary AB.

Summer Lecture Series, Is your DNA your destiny? What you need to know about Epigenetics (May 2012). University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB.

The Function of Sleep: Connecting Science to Nursing Practice (April 2012). Alberta Children’s Hospital, Nursing Forum, Calgary AB.

Drugs, Stress, and Methylation (February 2012). Canadian Spring Conference on Brain and Behaviour, Fernie, BC.

Early Brain Development- Connecting Science to Nursing Practice (January 2012). Foothills Medical Centre Nursing Forum, Calgary, AB.

Prenatal Stress Results in Sex-Dependent Gene Expression Changes for Developing Rat Offspring (June 2010). Epigenetics of Health and Disease, Inaugural Symposium of the Alberta Epigenetics Network, Lethbridge, AB.

Brain Awareness Week, Public Lectures. (March 2010). Van Tigam Elementary School, Kate Andrews High School, Westminister Elementary School.

Epigenetic Modifications Associated with Prenatal Stress. (February 2010). Canadian Spring Conference on Brain and Behavior.

Early Experience and Brain Development. (March 2009). Bow Valley Health Region.

Epigenetic Alterations Associated with Prenatal Bystander Stress. (February 2009). Canadian Spring Conference on Brain and Behavior.

Research Methods and Techniques. (November 2008). University of Calgary.